BREAKING NEWS: Aldub Maine Mendoza's Fans and Lav Diaz Can Visit The International Travel Expo To Support Filipino Cinema

The 3rd International Travel Festival this July 15, 2016 at Ayala Center Cebu will be overflowing with travel agencies and insurance companies out to offer you the best deals that your money and BPI credit line can afford.

The event is chance for the highly intelligent fans of Aldub's Maine Mendoza to purchase travel tickets to Manila so they can go there and meet Yayadub and Alden Richards in real life.

Fans of Film Director Lav Diaz can also buy an airfare ticket in this expo organized by the brilliant Eventology, so fans can join award-winning Lav Diaz at the 2016 Arkipel Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival.

The travel festival is the venue to book those local travels here and abroad in the cheap, but it's also the chance to buy budget-friendly airfare and hotel stays so Cebuanos can go to the Arkipel Film Festival and enjoy the culture there, including the screening of the most important/hideous Filipino film ever produced in Filipino cinema history: Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis. 

Travel to Indonesia now and support Philippine Cinema!

You can also watch this video below to see what to expect at the 3rd International Travel Expo and head to Ayala Center Cebu this July 15 to buy either tickets to Manila to join the Cinemalaya Film Festival, a festival that Aldub Fans should support or buy tickets to U.S. and watch Hamilton, the greatest musical ever produced in the entire human civilization.

Then after booking the tickets, maybe eat some good healthy food that has the Best of Cebu Stamp afterwards? Best of Cebu's stamp of great quality ensures you're consuming what best food, drinks and culture that Cebu can offer. Play the video below for info about Best of Cebu.

After purchasing tickets from over 100 booths in the 3rd International Travel Festival, Cebuanos can go watch more Lav Diaz movies, and learn from his work how to stay present, how to detach from our own decision to suffer and how ego is what's driving Cebuanos to use non-medical marijuana, and to use travel as a means to escape the now.

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