Solution to Support The Book of Cebuano Artists Martino A. Abellana and Raymund L. Fernandez

Dear Cebuanos: 

Kana ganing ganahan ka mutan aw ug mga nindot nga mga butang kay daghan kaayo'g bati nahitabo sa imong 2016? 

Namatyan ka ug Carrie Fisher. Nidaug ang ilang Trump. Namatyan ka ug amigo sa Tokhang. Nagbuwag mo sa imong uyab kay the relationship you had was built under the foundation of the madness of ego. Char.

Maybe kinahanglan ka ug reminder nga naa pay kaanyag ug kalingaw tunga tunga sa kamingaw?  Reminder nga some beautiful things in life don't have to be completely unfree. Then the University of San Carlos Coffee Table book Kamingaw: An Impressionist Portrait of the Bisaya Painter written by Martino A. Abellana might be for you. 

The book is a collection of paintings by  Cebuano artist Martino Abellana that reminds me of the art Vincent Van Gogh killed himself for. Abellana's art also made me want to look for that Vincent Van Gogh experimental movie Loving Vincent.

Bisaya Short Films was invited for the Press Conference for this book and here's The Notes

1. Cebuano filmmakers such as Film School graduates from the University of San Carlos itself, the university that published this book, might want to make a documentary of some sort to present Martino A. Abellana to the world ala Loving Vincent.

Or is it more preferable to keep Martino Abellana's beautiful work to us Cebuanos, so as probably to filter out foreigners who don't deserve to see his work?

2. If you say you support Bisaya artists, then buying this book by Raymund who is also an artist means you're putting Skin In The Game. 

Skin in the Game is an idea by Nassim Taleb The Philosopher You Shouldn't Read that reminds us Cebuanos that when you support something, you better have something big to show for it. 

Such as when you say you love a person, you better sacrifice something to prove it. Because love without sacrifice is just theft, which is another Taleb quote. Go google him. Show his quotes to your pretentious teachers who are all cheap talk.

3. Raymund L. Fernandez said himself that there will be a browsing copy of this book available at the Cebu Public Library for students who'd like to read the book but won't purchase. 

What Raymund didn't say was that these students probably won't buy the book because they no longer can afford it and because they're paying too much money for their tuition already at a university that Nassim Taleb The Most Dangerous Living Philosopher Today implied to be an institution that just breeds diplomas and creates graduates that can't get jobs and that don't help the society flourish but instead cause its collapse caused by the fact that what most Philippine universities have as professors are "Intellectual Yet Idiot (IYI)" lawyers and political science professors and doctors and teachers and journalists and media executives with no Skin In The Game that hold so much power in influencing Philippine Laws but don't take responsibility in the damage that they cause in what they're teaching, suggesting or promoting. 

What a long sentence. Let's do it again.

In fact, perhaps maybe in my own humble non-arrogant opinion I think we have so much traffic today in Cebu because we have so many students clogging the roads  but the universities are producing not enough morally calibrated graduates that can be brave enough to think of solutions for this traffic and are now instead just additional bodies into the pile of future Mandaue road kill? Graduates pa more!

The redundancy is intentional because according to Taleb redundancy is what made us survive (we have redundant number of legs, hands, lungs, kidneys.)

The defensiveness is intentional because people online are harsh.

By the way, here's a Bisaya Short Film about a Taong Grasa infiltrating a painting gallery in SM from artists who might've been influenced by Artist Martino.

Bisaya Short Films
Taong Grasa sa Dan at SM Art Gallery


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