Solutions to What Schools Cebuano Parents Should Choose

Imaginary Problem: 

You're a Cebuano parent looking for the best education for your children. You learned from Taxi Driver Nassim Taleb that it is always best practice to make things small. The smaller the system, the easier it is to spot the mistake or the right cause of a problem. How? 

Imagine a barrel of water and a cup of water. If you drop a bue ink in a BIG barrel, you might not see the blue. If blue drop is in a SMALL cup, you see the blue color clearly (Taelb's idea) . Gets?

Anyway, you believe that everything should be smaller because:

- Singapore is effective because it's small and
- France is rich now because it started as group of small barangays. 

The bigger, the more prone to blow up and fail. Look at that exploding Samsung Phone; it was so big, it exploded. So anyway, how do you decide for your children's education when you want things small?


1. Consider Apprenticeship.
Philippines is now catching up with the global truth that the university style of education can be a major scam. Not absolutely, but mostly.
Cebuano parents save hard-eard money from selling their carabaos to send their children to school and after graduation their degree can't get them a job. Duterte should shut down universities that can't guarantee jobs.

When you apprentice and learn skills by doing and not just reading, you learn valuable skills that help you survive life without being scammed by University of San Carlos. Joke!

2. Consider Small Size Education
If your kids are still in Primary and Grade School, choose a small class size. 

If you live in Talamban, EC2 Excellence Academy is an option. They're great because they have small size classes. They charge P70k a yr and accept retirees to volunteer with them. If you live elsewhere, homeschooling is an option, too. Contact me via Message Box to the left to know more about EC2.

Homeschooling means you work at home then teach kids with the wisdom of your grandmother, and not with school books that can turn your kids into unemployed degree-holders who damage society, instead of nerds trained by reality who know how to hunt, farm, take risks and earn money without scamming Cebu.

3. Consider watching Captain Fantastic. It's a movie where the children are taught by their parents to read novels by Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Nabokov.

To grow their own healthy food, not the junk we are forced to eat because the government police is not forcing stores like Jollibee and McDonalds and Burger King to feed us food without chemicals that damage us.

To meditate so they learn how not to be so emotionally hungry, that they cheat on their boy/girlfriends. To know that love without sacrifice is theft.

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