Solutions from Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk and Globe's myBusiness Solutions


X is a Filipino filmmaker and wants to start a movie streaming business for their films, like what Mubi, Netflix and iFlix did. X needs a trustworthy company to work with that is rooted in the Philippines. What can X do?

Solutions That May or May Not Work:

1. X can consider Globe myBusiness Solutions

I support Globe because their Free Facebook Messenger is reliable even at 2G connection, making it one of my most important business tools; without it, I can't hit my goals.

I went to their Automate Business Conference at Waterfront last July 26 as part of their Globe myBusinessAcademy and I learned that they now have Business Solutions to help advertise movie makers like X on Google and Facebook Ads for maximum reach.

I can't vouch for how superior Globe's solutions are since I haven't used them yet, but I personally asked Tina Lo, a top furniture exporter who uses Globe's solutions, and she said "so far, so good pa naman ang Globe. They're quick to answer our calls during glitches. "

Tina Lo is now the Ambasadress of Globe, so do more research and ask more people who used Globe's business solutions.

2. X can read Nicholas Nassim Taleb's Ideas

Para di ka ma scam diri sa Cebu, hinumdumi ang mga gitudlo sa usa ka writer nga si Nassim Taleb. An important lesson gikan niya is:

Never ask a barber if you need a haircut. Meaning, I should never ask a doctor or a lawyer or a filmmaker or a blogger or anyone selling me a product if I need their products. Their incentive to lie is high because they want my money.

More of Taleb, click HERE

3. X can get Ideas from Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk reminds me of how a lot of what happens to us is mostly a work of fate. It's a thrilling, layered story of how soldiers cleverly survived the World War. One tactic I learned from the movie that can be applied to the business problems of X is this:

Never stay inside a locked cabin boat when you're in war territory because if a torpedo hits the boat, you're trapped to death.

In business, it can mean that X should never put themselves in a business decision that traps them to death. To survive, X should make multiple exits and never put all in one basket, so that if 1 basket fails, the other baskets still make him survive.

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