The Bisaya Art You Need To Support: The February 2013 Joya Art Exhibit at SM City Cebu Art Gallery

Is this ART/TRASH? Or TRASH pretending to be ART? Or ART pretending to be TRASH? 
 Or TRASH pretending to be TRASH?
“I'm tired of my life, my clothes, the things I say. I'm hacking away at the surface, as at some kind of gray ice, trying to break through to what is underneath or I am dead. I can feel the surface trembling—it seems ready to give but it never does. I am uninterested in current events. How can I justify this? How can I explain it? I don't want to have the same vocabulary I've always had. I want something richer, broader, more penetrating and powerful.”
James Salter, Memorable Days: The Selected Letters of James Salter and Robert Phelps

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