Japengo Mango Avenue's Mixed Seafood Ramen

Problem: You've read Jessica Zafra's List of Best Ramen in Manila and you agree with her that Hokkaido Santouka's Char Siu Ramen in SM Makati/Ayala Avenue is the tastiest, most fabulous Ramen you've ever tasted.

And you can say this because you've devoured into so many Ramen restos, and even cursed at the disastrous unedible Ramen in Samurai, a Kiosk in SM Southmall's Foodcourt. You are in Cebu and someone spoils a Game of Thrones episode for you. You wish to punish him. What to do?

Solution: Suggest he eat the P89 Snack Bowl Japengo Ramen in Mango Avenue. That will show him.

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