How President Duterte Can Help Hungry Cebu

Cebuano Problem : 

There may be two kinds of hungry Cebuanos: the "I Can Buy Ten Burgers Just For Fun" Hungry, and the "I Come From Abusive Parents In A Corrupt Government, So I Just Dig For Food at I.T. Park Trash Cans" Hungry. I figured I'm of the first kind. The street children I can ultimately do nothing about because the universe has its reasons why suffering exists, is of the second kind.  

I learned more about how the universe doesn't seem to care about our suffering by watching John Lloyd Cruz' Honor Thy Father, and reading Albert Camus. Google it.

Anyway today I found out that FatCow Burgers and Malts is now at Robinsons Galleria; they opened here a year ago.

I read somewhere that FatCow milkshakes are wonderful. So with the facts above, I asked myself: If I had P100,000, what would I do?

Answers for Cebuano Problem:

1. I would go to Any Burger Station and buy 100 of the most delicious Angus and Sirloin burgers they have, such as The Bbq Hawaiian and Notorious B.I.G., which I both sampled and liked . I would eat one, and go to Vicente Sotto Hospital and give away the rest and feed random patients, overworked nurses and underslept doctors there, unless they refuse to, for diet restrictions.

I would also buy them Vanilla milkshakes, the malted kind, not the regular one, because it's so good, I caught myself saying I wanna marry it. In Japan, you can marry a comics. Maybe in Cebu, we can marry a Vanilla Milkshake?

2. I would put up a Duterte's Kitchen near Capitol where homeless people can just eat Fatcow burgers for free, provided Cebu City CCTV can prove they've been homeless for at least 3 days. 

I would stock the Duterte's Kitchen with all the Fat Cow milkshakes and burgers everyday because Fat cow says they use premium beef and the homeless deserve the best. (Insert your laugh here).

But a nutritionist should maintain the place to make sure the homeless don't forget to eat their fruits and vegetables first. Hehe.

3. I would not recommend Cebuanos to follow this suggestion because of hidden risks in building a Duterte's Kitchen. This idea is for me alone. Or you can follow it at your own risk. 


Solution To Why SM Seaside City's Spread 2.0 Benefits Cebuanos

The Reason SM Seaside City's Spread Benefits Cebuanos is that it was giving away Cebuanos FREE FOOD. Like Tax Relief or Tax Cuts, but for food. Like in the movie Captain Fantastic*, a movie I think Cebu should watch because it's about living healthy and reading books!

Anyway, binisay on nato beh para klaro: LIBRE NGA PAGKAON PARA SA CEBUANO gipanghatag sa SM Seaside City Spread Part 2! And not just Sampler Size ha, such as kanang FREE TASTE sa grocery ha. But a whole meal! A buffet even.

Pero you ask, "Basin Chaka lang nga food? And nothing that satisfies my New Yorker palette? " A big No! Because the food served is a buffet of Paulito's sumptuous Barbecue and Pork Kaldereta with Rice, among others! To my friends: their Bola Bola is a must-try. 

Special note: Paulito's seems like the only stall there to give Cebuanos plates to eat at the whole buffet until sawa (or at least until they tell you to stop) Visit their FB pages for more. 

And because of this Food Carnival, let me say:

Thank you, Snowvins' must-try Ice Cream Halohalo. Thank you, Butterbean's Tablea Drink that needs more inspiration but I'm still grateful for. 

Thank you Zawadi's desert. Thank you, Soi's Pad Thai. Thank you, The Social's tasty and FREE Tuna Taco although I'm not sure you were giving FREE FOOD to Cebuanos who were not VIP; I think you were selling burgers. 

Thank you, Cabalen's FREE Karekare even if you served no rice. Thank you, Pink Heaven's FREE sylvannas samplers (not just for media but for every person who went there). 

Thank you, other food stalls at Spread 2.0 that let us sample their food. To readers: Please contact me using the Contact Box to your left if you need these Seaside food shops to cater your lunch meetings and birthday parties, and there might be discounts.

P.S. In my opinion, here's what's better:

1. Alexis Yap and that male host in Spread 1.0 .

2. Goodie Bags with maybe Cinema Tickets (practically cost-free) for the invited media, with the agreement that they use the tickets to let Cebuanos' Persons with Disabilities watch movies and make them happy. 

Happy Cebu means more Spread. Make the rich richer, but protect the most vulnerable too. Let's do this!

This idea is inspired by our Blogger Mae Cimafranca's admirable Program of Giving Food and Book Reading to children. 

The cynic in me thinks that charity programs can turn into the Napoles Corruption problems, where non-profit work is used to corrupt people's funds. 

But the hopeful in me thinks that something about Mae and SM Seaside City's food programs is legit.

So let's all be vigilant, Cebuanos. The good/bad can be bad/good tomorrow.

*  Captain Fantastic is a movie about a family that decides to live in the forest to have freedom to read Leo Tolstoy's books, eat healthy organic food, learn martial arts to survive and others, and then decides to go back in the city.

They once had a family activity called "Mission: Free Food" where they go to the store and eat free food. Cebuanos who went to Spread 2.0 simply went to the store and ate free food, too. So Spread 2.0 and Captain Fantastic is pareha gamay.


Tom N Toms' Opening At Mabolo Cebu and The Problem Of Loneliness

Dear Cebuanos:

How are you? Welcome to Bisaya Short Films, where you can learn things like, how to be happy by watching cinema, such as movies of Dolphy and Lav Diaz. After reading, you will learn two things:

1. How Tom N Toms can help us Cebuanos be more compassionate and less hurtful to those who are different.

2. How you can help fellow Cebuanos become less sad and less depressed, especially after the news about bombing in Davao.

Let's start.

The other day we the Bloggers got invited for the launch of the Tom N Toms Coffee Shop at The Greenery in Mabolo, the one near Gallery, where Boosog restaurant is. Type "Tom N Toms Mabolo" on Google to locate the place. 

I liked the location of Tom N Toms because it's not in a mall, and I think I read from Jessica Zafra's reputable blog and Nicholson Taleb's books that congested malls can be harmful to society. 

It's encouraged not to spend too much time in malls. We have to diversify. We should spread out our time in different places, as Taleb's book suggested, for the benefit of our antifragile bodies. Click HERE to read more of his ideas. 

Thinking small is good because large things cause bigger damage. Duterte's federalism is based on this idea. Making homes and regions operate in a small scale lessens large-scale casualties and damages. 

Tom N Toms location seems inspired by this. It's away from the mall and provides competition for them, and we know that competition is good for the consumers as a whole. The more competition, the better the product. Tom N Toms gets this and they have my respect. And gratitude for letting us try their concoctions and drinks on the house. 

Also, their espresso is reliable for that needed caffeine fix, and I recommend you try their Strawberry Smoothie without cream and sugar because it can be the healthiest option to get there. Tom N Toms is also 24/7 all week; convenient for writers and students. (McDonald's Basak says they're 24/7 but on Sundays, they're closed)

Now how can Tom N Toms help us Cebuanos become more compassionate? By providing a venue for Cebuanos to talk. By providing another location for us to learn how we should try our hard to not say mean things to people because, just to err on the safe side, those people we say mean things to might be mentally unhealthy or depressed. Suicide is a number one cause of death.

Here are more ideas about this:

1. Go to Tom N Toms on a weekday. Everyone might be in crowded coffee shops in malls where seats are not guaranteed, but not you. You're comfortable. Now that you are, you can now read the ideas of David Foster Wallace while sipping a Tom N Toms latte to learn how to not say mean stuff to people who might cry and hurt themselves because of your words. Here's a sample of his ideas. Click HERE for more.

2. Go to Tom N Toms and click HERE to read the article from the reliable The Guardian entitled "Think loneliness is about single people looking for love? Think again" . It's about an elderly married couple in Italy that policemen visited because they were crying out loud from loneliness. Here's a sample:

the story of Jole and Michele suggests something else: a distinct kind of loneliness stemming not from the absence of significant others but from a feeling of disconnection with the wider world, a sense that you’re no longer part of something shared and human.

Visit Tom N Toms to nurture friendship, get healthier drinks, read ideas from David Foster Wallace and learn more of compassion.  A person's life might depend on how you hurt with your words.

To see what's inside Tom N Toms, click HERE.

Nagmahal nasaktan nagsulat sa Tom N Toms,
A Bad Richard


An Invitation For MMK's Charo Santos-Concio To Eat At St. Mark's Hotel Buffet

Dear Charo: 

How are you? You're the head of ABS-CBN and so I want to thank you for showing me the genius and uplifting comedy of Vice Ganda. But this isn't the reason I'm writing to you. 

I write because I want to invite you, Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, Piolo Pascual, Angelica Panganiban and Jericho Rosales to visit St. Mark Hotel and eat at the Cebuano Buffet.

I invite you to try the Rico's Lechon, Inun-anan, Kaldereta, Avocado Manga Ice Candy and all the other standard Pinoy food here. Here are three reasons why:

 1. St. Mark's Cebuano Buffet serves the second most delicious Fish Paksiw I've ever tasted in my life and the most distinct best-tasting Lechon I ever tried, which is Rico's Lechon. 

The best Avocado Ice Candy with a twist of mango I ever tasted is also here in St. Mark Hotel. By the way, Charo, did you know that Rico's Lechon fits the Paleo diet, a diet that's arguably healthier than just plain vegan diet? A vegetarian diet seems like it deprives you of the nutrients found only in animal meat. A protein-heavy diet is better.

There's still ongoing debate on whether vegan is best but I learned from Nicholson Taleb that in order to be healthy and become stronger and anti-fragile, we must try all foods, including the fatty ones. 

Press PLAY to View Slideshow of Cebuano Buffet

Whether it's softdrinks that's bad for you or hotdogs labelled by health experts to cause cancer, all kinds of food provide a little benefit to your body.

Ingesting a little unhealthy food will help your immune system against unknown harmful elements.

The same concept works with exercise: you're adding a little harm to your body thru physical exertion when you exercise, and yet after the little harm, your body becomes stronger.

Therefore, eating a bit of lechon is good for you, Charo.

That said, if you want to taste a lechon that's in my Top 3 Lechon list and you value food the way the great writer Tolkien valued good food and merriment in making the world a happier place, then St. Mark's Rico's Lechon might be for you.

Go find it for yourself and tell us about it.

2. I enjoyed St. Mark's Kaldereta because it has none of the pungent goat meat smell that puts people off. 

I also heard from Giecelle C. Abinales The Hotel Manager that her friend who didn't eat kalderata had a change of heart when he'd tried the St. Mark's Kaldereta; it's now his favorite.

Giecelle also never ate Kaldereta herself until she was forced to taste the one in St. Mark's because it's part of her work  and now it's her genuine fave.

Irene of Cebuano Blogging Community also favorited this dish. I wonder what you would think of the Kaldereta, Ms. Charo?

And I wonder if I can bring you and Ellen Adarna here at St. Mark's Hotel, and we can have a threesome...dinner.

3. St. Mark's Cebuano Buffet is located in a hotel. 

Don't be intimidated by the location of the buffet, Ms. Charo. As you know, the secret to life is to act like you belong.

Just go inside the hotel's second floor and enjoy the buffet there after going to, say, church (St Mark Hotel is located near Redemptorist Church) or getting your friends' kids from STC.

Click PLAY on the video to see what's actually inside St. Mark Hotel's Buffet:

By the way, I want to ask you a very personal set of questions before I end this letter and I hope you don't share this to Kris Aquino or Boy Abunda or anyone like them. 

My questions are: what if the drama you're encouraging in your Maalaala Mo Kaya show is what's generating more depressed people in our culture? 

It's like, we want people not to be attached to their pain because according to Eckhart Tolle, it's mental illness that makes people so obsessed about their pain, that they hurt themselves.

Obsession to drama could be why people use marijuana.

Attachment to pain could be why people smoke.

It's the obsession for drama that may make people overeat. But your Maalaala Mo Kaya show makes advertising money from drama, and do you think your MMK is contributing to the problem?

So do you think you're in a dilemma because the money fueling the industry you're in may also be the cause of the problem your advocacy is trying to solve?

Does drama propagate depression, rather than cure it? Using Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now as a reference, is Maalaala Mo Kaya the reason for people's mentally unhealthy desire for drama? 

Should there be a government intervention to monitor TV broadcasts of too much drama the way the government intervenes in society's illegal use of marijuana?

Do you think it's better if we just shut down all these drama shows?

And once and for all ABS-CBN should just broadcast shows that teach people not to attach to drama .

ABS-CBN should get people to detach from ego. "But that's what the people want," you Charo might say. Do we always have to give what the people want even if we know it's not helping them?

Tolle said we can be happy if we stay away from drama and go back to the formless. The formless is when you don't attach meaning on things, and not rely too much on intelligence.

Oprah seems to also suggest that our attachment to our egos is what's driving us away from being free of suffering. And drama worsens it.

I'm a proof that happiness can be had if we don't rely too much on our intelligence. I'm empirical proof that one can be happy without drama, like the happy man of Dostoevsky's The Idiot.

That said, here's a video of how Marcel Proust can help you no longer seek drama.

And then here are quotes from Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now to help you and your friends find the inner peace you keep on looking for after failed relationships:

"When you are not honoring the present moment by allowing it to be, you are creating drama. " - Eckhart Tolle
Read more at: http://www.azquotes.com/author/14703-Eckhart_Tolle/tag/drama

“Give up defining yourself - to yourself or to others. You won't die. You will come to life. And don't be concerned with how others define you. When they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it's their problem. Whenever you interact with people, don't be there primarily as a function or a role, but as the field of conscious Presence. You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are.” 
-Eckhart Tolle

“A genuine relationship is one that is not dominated by the ego with its image-making and self-seeking. In a genuine relationship, there is an outward flow of open, alert attention toward the other person in which there is no wanting whatsoever.” 
― Eckhart Tolle

By the way: St. Mark Hotel Cebuano Buffet is available only twice a week, and if you want to know the schedule and other info, click HERE.

Anyway, that would be all Ms. Charo. Please extend my regards to Ellen Adarna. I want to talk to her.

Yours truly,
A Bad Richard


Why You and Superstar Brad Pitt Should Eat At Ahooy Makan

Dear Reader Who Is Not Brad Pitt: You should try the food at Ahooy Makan, if:

1. You approve of tasty but affordable Larsian-style Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Macau, and Singapore food done inside a nipa hut. Click HERE for directions to Ahooy Makan.

2. You agree with J.R. Tolkien that "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. "

3. You want to try the Lasagna, Ginabot, Pochero Bacolod, Fried Oreo ala Mode,  and The Most Wonderfully Priced 69-peso Shrimp In A Buko Bowl that I consider to be the best ever, or at least for as long as I can remember. Click HERE for Hi-res photos of the food.

Tip: When you visit Ahooy Makan, ask the staff if they already fixed the "flies attacking your food" issue.

If you're Brad Pitt, then here's my personal letter to you on why you would like Ahooy Makan:

Dear Brad Pitt: How are you? I'm Richard, a Filipino. 

How's Angelina? Are you by any chance making any film with The Greatest/Most Despicable Filipino Filmmaker Today, Lav Diaz?

Anyway, the chief of Ahooy Makan is Chef Marc, and he gives out Php5 for every meal you purchase to his Chef Marc Group of Charities, an organization that feeds unfortunate children and has partnership with the Big Guns in the Non-Profit Industry, such as Tom's Shoes and World Vision. 

Like you in your movie Big Short and Angelina Jolie in her movie The Big Heart, Chef Marc's passionate about helping the weak.

It's dangerously tricky to use the "Support Our Products Because We Donate To Charity" Business Strategy, Brad, because The Napoles Scam taught us that we should not trust charities. 

But I still choose to trust Chef Marc's intentions because I trust that if anyone cheats the Cebuano people,  there'll be a Cebu Blogging Community Blogger who will blow the whistle and expose the truth. Or at least die trying.

But Richard, what if all the Cebuano Bloggers are paid by the Deceiver to not report the deception?, you ask. Then, my dear friend Brad Pitt, reading the Absurdist Philosophy of Albert Camus is probably your answer. 

I use the word "probably" because there might be no answer. Also, if you want to learn more about How Charities Cheat, here's a video from The School of Life. 

Regards ko's imong mga anak, okay?

And now here's The Talented Aileen Singing Inside Ahooy Makaan, Giving You Goosebumps Because Her Voice Is Divine:


A Food Review of SM CITY CEBU'S Kublai Khan For The Viewers of The Food Movie "Chef"

Dear Everyone Who Has Seen Jon Favreau's movie, Chef:

The thing about food is that you can have too much of it and you still can feel the hunger that no food can fill. You know why? Because you're eating the wrong food, the wrong ingredients. People get depressed just by eating the wrong food, and by wrong I mean the type that every article in your Facebook Timeline would label as: junk, bad for you, filled with toxins, laced with all kinds of ingredients that your friends say are just there to make you sicker because there are faceless corporate overlords who make money out of your sickness. The sicker people get, the richer some people become. There's truth in that.

What Kublai Khan's business model in their food resto in their SM City Cebu Foodcourt branch understands the importance of healthier food, even if not intentionally. Look at how they present their food: you go get a bowl, you pick your own ingredients, and you can add as many good food power food such as green vegetables, cabbage, and bean sprouts as you like. You can go with a bowl that's rich with just bean curd, onions, greens, peppers that are rich with Vitamin C, and you can just ask the cook to saute it for you in the least amount of oil, or no oil at all, or you can use sesame oil. 

You can go with your diet and still feel like you're eating a delicious filling meal because what other feeling do you feel when you're eating something straight out of the bowl? I think it's from Health.com that the way you eat food also affects how much full you can fill. If you eat in a little plate and fill the plate to the brim, you're tricking your brain that you're eating a lot and so you eat less. I just blew your mind.

Anyway, you can go achieve your daily target goal of veggies by going to Kublai Khan, and just put in your bowl all the carrots, and squid and a little bit of rice that your bowl can fill, and you're now all fueled for the day ahead. 

If you're a filmmaker and you have a film crew needing some good fresh variety of veggies to balance their otherwise meat-heavy Junk Fast Food meals during production, then Kublai Khan should be something to consider when you're near SM CITY Cebu. Who knows? Your film crew could be so chemically transformed by the vegetables that they have no choice but to eat because that's the catering for that day, that they can produce better film material. They can suddenly be happier with their work during production because their body is detoxified by the intake of veggies. Thereby, your film might be actually better. Your mind blown away again.

In the movie Chef directed by Jon Favreau, you can see that there is beauty in food that is so worthy of attention, that one should make a film about it starring no less than Scarlett Johanssen and Robert Downey Jr. In Kublai Khan, the beauty of food is in its healthy ingredients. Dig in.

Not Mine

Hit Play To Play Scenes from The Movie Chef


Today You Are Sad But Not Anymore Because Here Is Your Answer


Here's a problem your mother wants you to solve: you are in love, the Love At First Sight kind. You went to the first ever Cebu Hot Wings Eating Competition by Gibbs Hot Wings, and there you saw a girl you're willing your heart to be broken by. 

You want her so much that you can ignore the fact that her immaculate left hand is holding a guy's hard pleasure-giving right arm. And they look so good a pair, you assume that they're just as in love with each other as you are with her. This sadness and point of desperation annoys you. What do you do?


1. Eat Your Sadness Away

Diamond Suites Hotel's assortment of cheese for people who are
sick of the Christmas staple Queso de Bola.
I don't mean you to be stupid and get to the nearest 7/Eleven and drink high-sugar soda, eat high-diabetes chips and shove your mouth with plain old sadness-flavored doughnuts. 

What I mean is treat your palette, and let it live and forget that there's sadness in seeing your Ellen Adarna being snatched away in front of your tears-repressed eyes. 

What I mean is go to a buffet that aspires to fine cuisine, delivers the promise of food satisfaction and reminds you that whatever the question, whatever the confusion, whatever the hurt,


Diamond Hotel's recently lunched P500-Buffet is one of those answers. Their buffet set-up just opened last Oct 3, 2015 and now they're here for you to make you less sad. 

They have Italian and Asian Buffet nights, so you can eat there and pretend that you're in an Italian film made by Fellini and any minute now someone will sit beside you, a woman of great taste and culture, a woman of your dreams, she sits beside you and proposes that you both go somewhere private. You know, like in a private hospital because she's bleeding and she needs your help. 

Bonus Tip: Go request for Diamond Hotel's Meatballs, which I tried, and which was so good, I called out the chef to give him my compliments. Yes, I went to the chef and told him: Wow, chef, you're really losing weight! That is the only compliment chefs need.

2. Watch Bisaya Short Films

Just Youtube Search Bisaya Short Films or Medyo Maldito or HaringBuang or YayaDub, and watch all your sadness away with all the glorious comedy of Filipino and Cebuano talents that any minute now will be pirated and stolen by the China and America to the demise of Philippines. Hurray, our best talents work overseas because they will be poor in our country!

You can also watch the Bisaya Short Film Music Video of Vispop Festival 2015's Buwag Balik, and experience 21st century heartbreak through wonderful music. 

Sure enough, thinking there's no forever should make you feel better that you and Ellen Adarna are not together.

Also, the Bisaya Short Films today are mostly what The Haters would call pretentious philosophical (#BigWord) meditations on the universe's liberating randomness and how its beauty makes the desperate still want to live. This statement will make you yawn. Ignore it.

You can instead watch the silent anti-silence Bisaya Short Film "Hangin" (see above) on Youtube and experience this yourself. In this short film, you can witness how innocence is as fleeting and yet as constant air, and how the concept of childhood innocence is the revving fuel of the ominous success of Philippines YayaDub and Alden Richards' skyrocketing success.

Thinking about this reminds you that love in front you is just some air that passed from behind. In other words:love's a fart.

3. Join in the next Cebu's First Ever Hot Wings Eating Competition by Gibbs' Hot Wings.

I mentioned few posts back that Gibbs sure would become the next Mang Inasal in that it has so much potential, that The Jollibee Empire might soon buy out Gibbs' creators and will make Gibbs' Hot Wings their bitch (female dog) the way Mang Inasal, as chizmiz would put it, is. 

Gibbs' disrupts the Philippines' Food Industry Game, and Everyone Who's A Somebody waits out what the future holds for the kind of hot wings that I consider as of October 2015 my gold standard for all the Hot Wings known to mankind. Dear Gibbs' Competition: prove me wrong.

There you have it. The three answers to your heartbreak. If these don't make you feel better, then you must be going mental. Go to the nearest shrink.



Why Curbside Streetfood in Talamban is Better Than Bluewater Restaurants in Maribago

         Bluewater Resorts, Maribago

Problem: You've seen The Leftovers after reading Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus and the fact that both products of commercial pursuits make no solid sense to you reassures your faith in the unknown. You dismiss the idea of hope because it sucks. 

Your life is the happiest but you're under antidepressants. You'd been to The Cove restaurant in Bluewater Maribago and you were not happy with how the discount system works because you see the world as this dog-eat-dog world, even though you liked the taste of Azucena, an exotic food in Pampanga consisting of tasty butchered, fries dog, which is literally a hot dog. But you're still alive, and in want of things, and any form of social climbing is your thing. What shall you do?

Solution: Visit Curbside, the streetfood restaurant across Bright Academy in Talamban and try the food that most of your friends haven't tasted yet, which includes pork innards and quail eggs. Forget expensive food because they're for the Katkats. Be truly sosyal and eat what social climbers don't.


Why Not Kill Yourself With Island's Pasalubong's Sweets?

Problem: You've just watched the pilot episode of Guillermo del Toro's The Strain and you just want to find something sweet to eat to remind you that your death won't be as swift and worthless as The Strain would like you to believe. 

You tried Tablea in JY but hated it because it was there that you ran into the ex whose delicateness you once groped and licked in public. You took to Krispy Kreme but realized you now only had P9 left because the rest of your money went to buying a blade, a pen and one short bond paper to write your life story with later, assuming there's any life to write.  What shall you do?

Solution: Go to Island's Pasalubong in La Guardia, Lahug, across Golden Cowrie, and order the Sago't Gulaman beverage. The drink is so sweet I swear to God you'll hate yourself for buying the blade and paper when there's this Diabetes Shake to end your misery with. Enjoy.


Gibb's Hot Wings in Talamban Burns

What: Gibbs Hot Wings serves you recycled SunStar News for placemat and shows you no menu, so perfect for those who don't wano waste paper. Yes, that's really Wano. No such thing as wrong grammar, but you don't believe this because it's better to pretend.

When: Open Mon-Sat 10:30am- 2:30pm AND 5:00-10:00pm. Sundays the 5 up only. Seating:  20 non-Sumo Wrestler people.

Where: the Family Village yo see to yo right when yo go to Usc Talamban from BTC. Ask the subd. guard.

Why: if you early enough, you choose your own tv channel to watch while downing in wings. Tots for people who wano watch White Walkers or Lannisters lick each other while sweating sauce. Gee sauce cries! #NotJesusChrist

Verdict: "Lami man diay ni akong pako kung si Gibbs ang muluto" , said The Chicken.

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