Why Not Kill Yourself With Island's Pasalubong's Sweets?

Problem: You've just watched the pilot episode of Guillermo del Toro's The Strain and you just want to find something sweet to eat to remind you that your death won't be as swift and worthless as The Strain would like you to believe. 

You tried Tablea in JY but hated it because it was there that you ran into the ex whose delicateness you once groped and licked in public. You took to Krispy Kreme but realized you now only had P9 left because the rest of your money went to buying a blade, a pen and one short bond paper to write your life story with later, assuming there's any life to write.  What shall you do?

Solution: Go to Island's Pasalubong in La Guardia, Lahug, across Golden Cowrie, and order the Sago't Gulaman beverage. The drink is so sweet I swear to God you'll hate yourself for buying the blade and paper when there's this Diabetes Shake to end your misery with. Enjoy.

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