Solutions For Mayor Michael Rama's Problems

Problem: You're Mayor Michael Rama and you're running for the next elections. 

You want to win, but you also don't want to force yourself and that's why you just put all this in the hands of the electorate. 

Voters can be bought, or the idea that voters are being bought is just an idea sold by the media to cause panic and to protect the interests of the media's owners. 

You don't want to say this because you're Mayor Michael Rama. So what are you going to do?


1. You sing

Yes, it can be called as a silly political maneuver that panders to the supposedly stupid and shallow. But what did being deep really give anyone other than the misery and the depression that might have been the reason that Robin Williams is now dead? 

We don't know, but if the Aldub Phenomena is to be trusted, it is wise to confirm that shallowness could be why Filipinos survive. We are furiously happy, and we're that or we die.

Just because we're shallow doesn't mean we're not the Filipinos that brought down dictatorships. 

Just because Cebuanos are shallow doesn't mean we're not the genius who brought to the world the mathematical ingenuity of a puso.

That said, it is wise and brilliant of Mayor Michael Rama to take it all easy and to leave his credentials to where it matters: in his law school where he got the Supposedly Honorable "Attorney" Prefix That Demands Respect.

In the real world, what matters is happiness. Happiness is the currency. You bring happiness? You win.

2, You answer questions from the Bisaya Short Films.

In the last Forum for Media Leaders held in City Sports Club last week, The Bisaya Short Films force was able to sneak some questions to Mayor Mike Rama. Here's an unreliable transcript of the Q & A:

Question 1:

Me: I'm Richard of the Cebu Blogging Community and Bisaya Short Films. Thank you for your support of the last Cinema Rehiyon and for letting me win in that contest you judged in high school.

In your Audio Visual, on the part where there was a list of beneficiaries of government supplemental budget, including centenarian senior citizen, I dont think there was a mention of : persons with disability?

In the internet world there is an infinite passionate demand for more support given to the mentally ill PWDS because studies show that the most corrupt individuals including the bakakons and mga Kiha Didto Kiha Diri, these people are either substance users or they're mentally ill people who resort to drugs because there's no government support for their diagnoses and treament.

So my question again is: why was there no mention of the PWDS? Or was THAT a technical error that suggests that mental health is not our priority?

Mayor Mike Rama: [ We already provide assistance to the PWDs] 

This is not a direct quote, but that's the essence of the answer and there's no reaction on the Audio Visual.

Question 2:

Me: Are you being vegetarian right now? Because The Buddhist community in our Guadalupe Cebu would agree that leaders who don't eat meat are better leaders because they have less hatred.

Mayor Mike Rama: [ I sing. I box. I don't eat much.] 

This is not a direct quote, but the essence is that he didn't mention that he eats solely vegetables. Safe answer. "You don't want to piss off Burger King when they're investing in the city you're running" is what I assume you my reader would say.

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