How MAC at SM Seaside City Helps Cebu's Problems

Dear People Who Wear Make-up:

There's a MAC Store at Seaside City Cebu now that you can check out.

For that, I want to talk about creativity.

I want to talk about how being as creative as MAC solves our problems in Cebu, like unemployment and garbage.

Creativity and freedom from fixed colorless forms is an emphasis of MAC store.

It's a make-up store but its potential to empower, inspire and reframe perspective in Cebuanos is vital and astounding in, for example, deconstructing the ideas that make one feel like one's social status is inferior to others.

This inferiority complex might be the reason why we're all caught up in character assasination tricks that hurt people and make people extract joy in the act of hurt.

The art of MAC store is to create.

Its idea that it's all just cosmetics seems like a slice of hope for those who think that they're just stuck to what is given, what is socially accepted, what is "authentic", what is "unpretentious", with no chance of appeal.

Movies like Leos Carax' Holy Motors and Ben Stiller's Zoolander showcase how such a fashion boutique like MAC can be a platform for self-expression.

Mac can help us escape from the self-limiting attitudes of society (Contact me on comment section below to know how and why.) That said, here's how MAC can help make a better Cebu:

1. The Department of Transportation and Communications in Cebu will offer skills training for jeepney operators that are going to be unemployed by the Bus Rapid Transit project.

If we offer Make Up Skills for these drivers sponsored by MAC, we not only empower them, we remind the dangerously uninformed Cebuanos that there's money and livelihood in jeepney drivers as make-up artists.

We also make MAC socially vital in Cebu with this idea because foreign companies providing jobs is vital and astounding for Cebuanos and vital and audacious are the two words used in MAC's slogan.

Teaching drivers how to do make-up is an unusual audacious idea, but if we ignored the unusual ideas of entrepreneurs and artists, where would we be now?

2. MAC can sponsor a "Share A Lipstick Responsibly Campaign", where we encourage Cebuanos to share their unused lipstick to others, lowering the garbage output of Inayawan Dumpsite.

We can use the idea in genius TV show Broad City, where the tip of a used lipstick is cut off and so its new user is like getting a brand new one, with no hygiene problems. We can commission the prolific Sutukil Sauce production to do the campaign.

For more enlightenment about this, one can watch Adam Sandler's Don't Mess With The Zohan and Jon Krasinsky's Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.

That's all for now. If you have other Cebuano problems, such as customer service issues with Globe Telecom and PLDT, I can help. Or not. Albert Camus said it's all meaningless anyway, and yet it's all still meaningful.

A Bad Richard

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